Case File: Trooper Austin Johnston, Austin Texas – All Charges Dropped!

UPDATE: The District Attorney dropped all charges against Austin Johnston! Thank you for your support of him and his family!

On September 8th, 2018, Trooper Austin Johnston heard over the radio about a pursuit of a 2015 silver Chevy Silverado. Around 10:15 pm, Austin saw the Chevy Silverado and the suspect, and he pulled behind the truck. Immediately, the driver began speeding away in an attempt to  escape. The driver soon hit 100 mph and was blowing through stoplights  and stop signs and driving over curbs and onto lawns. 

The driver was driving like a maniac and almost hit several  pedestrians. If the driver was not stopped, he was going to hurt or  kill someone. Then, all of the sudden, the driver came to an abrupt stop and  threw it into reverse. The truck sped backwards and slammed into Austin’s cruiser! During his training, Austin was taught that staying in his  cruiser was called the “Death Box” and he would have a chance of  being seriously injured or killed. 

To defend himself, Austin got out and discharged his weapon at  driver of the truck that was trying to run him over. Austin then circled around to the passenger side of his  cruiser to get a better looks at the truck, and that’s when the  driver started running toward some houses carrying what Austin  thought was a gun. Knowing the driver had just tried to kill him and would be a  threat to civilians outside their homes, Austin fired again. 

The driver managed to escape in the chaos, so Austin went back  to check the truck for any passengers. The driver ran through several backyards and he was eventually captured. 

After reviewing the incident, DPS returned Officer Johnston to full duty in a matter of days. 

Austin tried to stop a deadly criminal. His life was clearly threatened. He responded with appropriate force. And the criminal later pleaded guilty to aggravated assault on a public servant with a deadly weapon — an admission that he tried to KILL Austin –- and he went to prison for it. 

So, naturally Trooper Johnston and his wife thought it was an open and shut case and the matter was behind us… until they heard rumblings that the left-wing, anti-cop District Attorney was gunning for law enforcement officers. About two years after the incident, a Travis County District  Attorney indicted Austin for aggravated assault by a public servant  and deadly conduct! 

Yes, Trooper Austin Johnston was literally indicted for defending himself from  being killed. He stands trial soon, and if convicted, he faces 20 years to life in prison. 

Please help us fight for Austin’s freedom with your urgent gift to the National Center for Police Defense. Austin must NOT be punished for doing his job protecting the public!