President Trump to sign Executive Order to provide police with military provisions

WASHINGTON, DC — Today, President Donald J. Trump will sign an Executive Order that will revoke President Obama’s Executive Order 13688 that made it more difficult for law enforcement agencies to use excess property and materials no longer in use by the Department of Defense.

As of 2014, 8,000 local law enforcement agencies have participated in the program, which has transferred more than five billion in military hardware from the DOD to local law enforcement agencies. The materials that are transferred are the excess property that ranges from air conditioners, vehicles, clothing, and computers. The most commonly transferred materials are ammunition but cold weather gear, sand bags, medical supplies, sleeping bags, and flashlights make up a majority of the requests as well.

“The United States is facing a moment of extremely high social tension, as well as natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey, it is essential that law enforcement officer has all the tools necessary to keep American citizens safe,” said Jim Fotis, President of the National Center for Police Defense. “President Trump recognizes this and the importance of supporting our men and women in blue on every level. We applaud the President’s vision and support for the country’s law enforcement agencies.”
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