About National Center for Police Defense, Inc.

Law enforcement is the first line of defense helping to keep the bad guys at bay. I heard a quote recently from a disenfranchised cop, at a police gathering, speaking to clergy, “Where is God when all these horrors occur, he’s not ever there, and that’s why I don’t believe.” The Clergyman retorted, “Do you see all these men and women here who put their lives on the line every day for people they don’t know, that’s where God is, in their hearts, they are his messengers, even if they don’t know it, they are God and God is them.” Cops risk their lives because something inside drives them to want to help their communities.

However, in society today these sacrifices are not respected and police officers are suffering in an indifferent, or downright hostile, society. When a police officer receives a call in this day and age, it is with the knowledge that he is no longer respected by the community or by the system that he swore an oath to protect and serve. These are not his friends and neighbors. Those he endeavors to help may be waiting in ambush for him. He is just a pawn in the game and continually at the mercy of the government. He knows each and every day when he leaves home that there is someone out there who wants to kill him, just because he wears a badge. When he puts that badge on he becomes a target; a target for groups that have sworn to assassinate Police Officers, and also a target for the system that he has sworn an oath to protect and serve.

The National Center for Police Defense, Inc. (NCPD), is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping law enforcement officers in their time of need after an on-duty catastrophe, either through providing support and resources during a legal process or during sick leave due to a severe injury.

Our Mission

The mission of the National Center for Police Defense is to help police officers who do their job the way they were trained and then the system that they protect and serve finds them guilty of a crime for doing their job the way they were trained to do it.

National Center for Police Defense, Inc. is the only organization that helps protect officers from the very system that they have sworn to protect and serve when the system turns against them.

Our Vision

The vision of National Center for Police Defense is to create a safety net that provides support and resources for police officers so they never feel alone in their time of crisis. 


"This is to thank you and the National Center for Police Defense, Inc. for the generous assistance with funding you provided to Officer Andrew Delke and his family over much of this three-year criminal case. As you are aware, Officer Delke was charged with murder in the first degree, which carries a life sentence, for firing at a fleeing suspect who was fully armed and refused all orders to drop his weapon. There was significant amount of video evidence which highly distorted the facts. Of course, we were also dealing with a very different environment for police officers today. We were successful in getting a highly reduced resolution to the case, from life imprisonment to three years (to serve 18 months). While we had insurance coverage for some of the legal defense costs, there were enormous personal expenses that needed to be covered for Officer Delke and his family. He was placed on administrative leave with pay, but of course, he could not work a second job, and had to expend significant resources for travel, hotels, and security. The National Center for Police Defense, Inc. stepped up and raised funds for Officer Delke and his wife so they could focus on our case and come to a successful resolution. There are not enough words in the dictionary to thank you for all that you did for this good man and his family. We are very thankful that there are still organizations who support police officers in this dangerous profession."
David L. Raybin
Attorney at Law for Officer Andrew Delke