National Center for Police Defense Store

National Center for Police Defense Walnut Phone Stand

These beautiful handmade walnut wooden phone stands are perfect for the office or bedside table. The stand perfectly angles your phone so that you can see the face and allow it to be charged simultaneously. Your charging cable can be easily threaded through the bottom of the phone stand.

$50 + free shipping

Thin Blue Flag Wooden Desk Flag

Our Thin Blue Line Wooden Desk Flag is perfect for your home or office work space. This mini wooden American flag adds a touch of patriotism and shows your support for our courageous law enforcement! Perfect fit for your desktop or frame it to hang on the wall.

$80 + free shipping 

Build Your Own Flag Children’s Activity Kit

As seen on Fox News! Are you looking for a way to teach kids American values? The kid’s wooden American flag build kits are a wonderful way to bring families together, have fun, and show off your artistry. All you need is your crayons or markers and a little creativity to create your own American or Thin Blue Line flag! It also serves a great teaching tool about American history as you discuss the symbols within the flag…50 stars, 13 stripes, the colors red, white, and blue. It’s the perfect craft kit for boys and girls to create a beautiful American art project for patriotic families! 

$30 + free shipping

National Center for Police Defense Walnut Challenge Coin Holder

These premium hand-crafted wooden coin holders are made of American walnut and are a convenient way to display the many challenge coins you’ve earned. Display all of your military, law enforcement, and/or first responder coins right on your desk. FOV’s desktop coin holder can accommodate approximately 30 military-sized challenge coins.

$115 + free shipping

National Center for Police Defense Reusable Logo Sticker

Show your support for the National Center for Police Defense with this reusable logo sticker!

$8 + free shipping