Case Testimonial: Anthony Federico

Case Testimonial:
Officer Andrew Delke

"This is to thank you and the National Center for Police Defense, Inc. for the generous assistance with funding you provided to Officer Andrew Delke and his family over much of this three-year criminal case. As you are aware, Officer Delke was charged with murder in the first degree, which carries a life sentence, for firing at a fleeing suspect who was fully armed and refused all orders to drop his weapon. There was significant amount of video evidence which highly distorted the facts. Of course, we were also dealing with a very different environment for police officers today. We were successful in getting a highly reduced resolution to the case, from life imprisonment to three years (to serve 18 months). While we had insurance coverage for some of the legal defense costs, there were enormous personal expenses that needed to be covered for Officer Delke and his family. He was placed on administrative leave with pay, but of course, he could not work a second job, and had to expend significant resources for travel, hotels, and security. The National Center for Police Defense, Inc. stepped up and raised funds for Officer Delke and his wife so they could focus on our case and come to a successful resolution. There are not enough words in the dictionary to thank you for all that you did for this good man and his family. We are very thankful that there are still organizations who support police officers in this dangerous profession."

David L. Raybin, Attorney at Law for Officer Andrew Delke

Case Testimonial:
Officer Betty Shelby

Case Testimonial:
Sergeant Hugh Barry


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