NCPD Applauds President’s Decision to Pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio

WASHINGTON, DC – The National Center for Police Defense applauds President Trump on pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio on charges of contempt of the court.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, with over 55 years of law enforcement experience, was humiliated by the residuals left behind by the Obama Justice Department and Obama Federal Court Appointees. Sheriff Arpaio removed individuals that were in the United States illegally from the streets of Arizona, many of which were hardened criminals and gang members.

“The verdict in July was a travesty of justice. President Trump recognized Sheriff Arpaio was doing his job, following the law and this is why he deserves to be pardoned. Judge Bolton’s ruling has caused me to lose my faith in the court system and the federal judicial system. As a former law enforcement officer, I have experienced days when my job did not guarantee my return to my family. Arpaio rid Arizona of illegals the President recognizes his work to protect America. President Trump has proven that if you do your job, you should not be punished for it,” says James Fotis, President of National Center for Police Defense.


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