Sergeant Daniel Perry- Austin, TX

Update: Sgt. Perry was found guilty and the paperwork has been filed on appeal. We are waiting for the decision from the Pardon and Parole Boards.


In July 2020, Sgt. Daniel Perry was earning extra money by driving a car for Uber in his time off. Daniel had dropped off a passenger from his Uber ride in downtown Austin, Texas. Then Daniel pulled around the corner and found himself  in the middle of angry Black Lives Matter protestors.

Within seconds and completely unexpectedly, Daniel was swarmed by the mob and he couldn’t move forward or backward  in his car without running over someone. He was stuck. So while Daniel sat in his car, the demonstrators  quickly surrounded his car and started to beat on it with  rocks, bricks, and sticks. It was intimidating and dangerous — but Daniel didn’t  react. 

Then a masked man motioned to Daniel as if to talk, and  Daniel rolled down his window initially thinking he was law  enforcement. The masked man was open carrying an AK-47, which is  legal in Texas. But what happened next is not…The masked man who was carrying the assault rifle in the ready position, began to raise it. That’s when Daniel knew he had to act or risk being  killed for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Daniel had a state license to carry a revolver, which  he often did when he worked for Uber because some of the  rides he picked up took him to bad destinations. With no time to hesitate, Daniel discharged his  revolver and stopped the threat to his life. It was pure self-defense. 

As soon as Daniel defended himself, the mob erupted. Someone in the crowd fired four shots at Daniel, hitting his car three times and coming close to killing Daniel. This  person was NEVER CHARGED with attempting to kill Daniel. 

Still in fear for his life, Daniel sped away from the mob and then immediately called the police to turn himself  in because he knew he hadn’t done anything wrong. Any objective district attorney would have said that  Daniel’s actions were self-defense. In fact, the lead detective on the case said that Daniel’s actions constituted justifiable homicide. 

But the District Attorney in Austin is a radical with an agenda. The District Attorney ignored the lead detective and  decided to charge Daniel with felony murder, aggravated  assault with a deadly weapon, and deadly conduct. 

Daniel is facing life in prison for acting in self defense and saving his own life!  

But as crazy as this is, it gets worse. The lead detective was coerced into withholding  exonerating evidence of Daniel’s innocence when he was called to testify before the grand jury. In fact, the detective had prepared a slide  presentation showing that the shooting was justified but the District Attorney forced him to cut the slide presentation  from 158 slides to only 56. Fair? Absolutely not! Simply put, the District Attorney is AGAINST law abiding citizens like Daniel defending themselves. 

A dangerous mob of Black Lives Matter supporters tried  to kill Sgt. Daniel Perry.  Four shots were fired at Daniel and three hit his car leaving bullet holes. But it’s Daniel who’s on trial for murder! 

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