Ferguson Under Pressure

I traveled to Ferguson (St. Louis) Missouri last week to see how Darren Wilson was holding up under the pressure of threats and Civil Law Suits. However, due to those pressures I was not able to meet face to face with Darren, but met with probably one of the few individuals that Darren trusts outside his family. Chris Hunt, a Missouri police officer, who had to face his own “Hunt for Justice”. It took Detective Hunt over two years to get his five-year conviction overturned by the Missouri Supreme Court (you can read about Chris’ life changing experience on the “Hunt for Justice” website). Today Chris, through his organization “Hunt for Justice” is trying to support as many cases, where police officers have been falsely charged with crimes while trying to perform their duties. These dedicated officers while trying to protect and serve their communities, were unjustly accused of crimes by the system that they are sworn to protect.

The “National Center for Police Defense (NCPD)” has pledged to help Chris fulfill the mission he has laid out for his organization while he helps NCPD look for incidents where Police Officers have been unjustly accused of committing a crime while performing their duty to protect and serve. Always remember that, “at a Police Officer’s time of crisis, NCPD is the organization that helps protect Police Officers from the system that they protect and serve.”