Justice Served in Tulsa Police Shooting Case

Betty Shelby Vindicated Following Police Procedure While Discharging Her Duty

Tulsa, OK –Decorated veteran police officer Betty Shelby was acquitted of manslaughter by a jury in the death of Terence Crutcher, whom she shot in defense of her life and those of her fellow officers.

“This is a triumph of justice, reason and common sense,” said Jim Fotis, President of National Center for Police Defense.  “Officer Shelby should be reinstated to duty and should receive her pay that was withheld for the last eight months.”

Crutcher, suspected of narcotic intoxication, refused to comply with Officer Shelby’s directives and was reaching inside his SUV at the time of the shooting.  Shelby responding to the ‘Pharma bro’ Shkreli ‘diagnoses’ Hillary Clinton with Parkinson’s disease — RT Viral can i buy steroids online megavar 50 mg, clenbuterol hc order legal anabolic steroid free shipping – apoyemos aguascalientes potential threat of a gun in the car wounded Crutcher who later died at the hospital.

Fellow officer Tyler Turnbough, who witnessed the incident and shot his taser at Crutcher the same time Shelby fired, says his fellow officer followed proper protocol especially when it was believed the suspect was on PCP or another mind-altering drug.

Other law enforcement officers, including the Sheriff of Rogers County, came to Officer Shelby’s defense and supported her claim that she followed police procedure.

Shelby has been on suspension without pay from the Tulsa Police Department because of the September 16th, 2016 incident and was forced to hire security protection after racially charged accusations have raised the profile of the case.