AUSTIN, TX.- Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza has dropped all charges in the Officer Gregory Gentry’s case, according to Garza himself, “in the interest of justice.” National Center for Police Defense, Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to providing resources and support to officers unfairly caught up in the legal system, has been working closely with Officer Gregory Gentry’s attorneys after charges were filed against him for using Department-approved techniques to bring a dangerous and possibly drug-related situation to a safe ending. 

Officer Gentry and his partner, Officer Chance Bretches, should have been cleared of all wrongdoing when the police department conducted an investigation (the entire incident was caught on the body camera video) and determined that Officers Bretches and Gentry were well within the policy guidelines. Instead, the new radical District Attorney tried to ruin their lives to push his own progressive agenda. 

Jim Fotis, President of the National Center of Police Defense (NCPD) commented, “Since Jose Garza became the Travis County District Attorney there has been no justice for police officers. Garza has taken the War on Cops from the streets to the courts.” Garza promised a transparent transition, but instead has given the people of Austin and the county a shrouded courtroom with no recorded proceeding of Grand Jury hearings. 

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Bert Eyler, Treasurer of NCPD and has worked closely with Officer Gentry’s and Officer Chance Bretches’ Attorneys on this and several other questionable cases brought against Austin Police Department Officers, since Garza took office. Eyler said, “Garza would rather prosecute cops than criminals. His passion is to discredit the job that’s done by good police officers rather than bring down the drug dealers and street criminals in Austin.” The situation in Travis County is reaching a point where the citizens are fed up with Garza and are looking for a change. Fotis said, “Woke progressive, politicians, prosecutors and judges are a detriment to our public safety and need to be removed at the ballot box.” Austin needs a DA that will prosecute criminals, not police officers, who do their job the way they were trained.

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