National Center for Police Defense Makes Statement on the Targeted Attack & Murder of Four North Carolina Officers

[05/03/24 CHARLOTTE, NC]- On April 29, 2024, four heroes were shot and killed in Charlotte, North Carolina by Terry Clark Hughes Jr., a known felon who was wanted for firearms possession and was under an active felony warrant. This was the deadliest attack on U.S. law enforcement since 2016. This act of terror on law enforcement highlights the broken justice system, as the shooter had served prison time and had multiple convictions for breaking and entering, reckless driving, eluding arrest and illegally possessing a gun, according to state records.

James Fotis, President of the National Center for Police Defense, Inc. said in a statement: “Once again we see that the War on Cops isn’t over. Our police officers still leave home each day with both hands tied behind their backs. The question remains: Are our men and women in blue not protected from the continued troubling thought of ‘How do I protect myself, my brother officers and those who I am hired to protect and serve when no one cares enough to protect me from the war in the streets?’

National Center for Police Defense works to protect and support law enforcement within the justice system after they have been unjustly charged. The nonprofit organization provides financial and legal support to Officers and their families at the worst time in their lives and works diligently to ensure justice is truly served to the brave men and women that serve our communities. 

“Given the work we do every day, this recent event hits us particularly hard,” Fotis continued in his statement. “The war on cops is a psychological horror and reality that police officers face each day. Police Officers must protect and serve the public, they must protect themselves from those who target and kill cops, and now these street weary heroes must protect themselves from the system that they protect and serve. A system corrupted by animosity for police that would rather incarcerate cops than criminals. Yes, today the system failed these four heroes. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with their loved ones, fellow officers, and community.” 

The National Center for Police Defense, Inc. (NCPD), is a nonprofit organization organized under Section 501(c)3 with the Internal Revenue service. All donations are tax deductible, absent any limitations on deductibility applicable to a particular taxpayer.