Officer Mistretta Found Not Guilty on All Charges, National Center for Police Defense Credits a Fair Trial, Solid Defense Team & Unbiased Jury

[04/18/2023, HARTFORD MI]- Officer Matt Mistretta was found not guilty today on all charges after a 4 day trial. It took the jury less than 3 hours to acquit Officer Mistretta of all charges. Mistretta was facing up to 7 years in prison for aggravated assault after arresting a potential murderer on the evening of August 21, 2020. Officer Mistretta conducted a traffic stop on an individual he suspected was driving while intoxicated, but as Matt and a fellow officer approached the vehicle, a call came over their radios that a shooting had occurred and backup was urgently needed. Matthew’s partner took the call, leaving him alone with two suspects, one of whom was bloody, shirtless, and reeked of alcohol. It was just moments later when Matthew heard over the radio that the driver was the prime suspect in connection with the shooting just down the street. 

But thanks to the Anti-Law Enforcement Michigan legal system, that key information has been deemed inadmissible in court. Officer Matt Mistretta, a decorated police officer without a blemish on his sterling record, was potentially facing 7 years in prison for arresting a suspected murderer on August 21, 2020. Officer Mistretta was charged with assault for putting the driver on the ground “too roughly” after the driver tried to escape his handcuffs. The suspected murderer never even filed a complaint about his treatment, nor did the suspected murderer report any bruises, scrapes or abrasions from the arrest.

Matt was charged with one felony and two misdemeanor charges that could have landed him in prison for seven years. National Center for Police Defense stepped in and supported Officer Matt Mistretta and his girlfriend & family throughout the trial. The nonprofit organization provided vital resources, legal funds, and other forms of support to the Mistretta family since the charges were announced. National Center for Police Defense is thrilled and honored to announce that Officer Mistretta was found not guilty on all charges today. 

Bert Eyler, Vice President of National Center for Police Defense, said after the trial concluded today, “Although this was clearly an unjust witch hunt from the start, we are so happy to see justice win out today. We sincerely hope that Officer Mistretta and his family can move on and start to heal from this gross miscarriage of justice by anti-police Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel.” 

National Center for Police Defense also wants to thank everyone that donated, shared, and supported Officer Mistretta’s case throughout the last 3 years. The organization also wants to highlight and thanks Mistretta’s attorney Marc Curtis for his outstanding defense case and all of his effort for Officer Mistretta. “It made all the difference,” Mr. Eyler said. “It was so good to know how many pro-police citizens are out there fighting for justice and respect for our officers.” You can read Officer Mistretta’s full case file here:  

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