40,000 Petitions Delivered to DOJ: Trump Should Listen

WASHINGTON, DC– In wake of news that President Trump is considering pardoning former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the National Center for Police Defense urges the President to follow through on this plan.

James Fotis, the President and founder of the National Center for Police Defense, delivered 40,000 signed petitions to the U.S. Department of Justice calling for an end to Sheriff Joe’s prosecution. Fotis has defended Arpaio’s action and witnessed the trial first-hand.

“Sheriff Arpaio was recently denied jury trial, resulting in being found guilty of criminal contempt by a judge with an agenda,” said Fotis. “Arpaio was for performing his duty to the people of Arizona.”

Chris Day, a former state prosecutor who serves as the legal analyst and treasurer of the National Center for Police Defense is available to discuss the legality of the former Sheriff’s trial.

“Sheriff Joe Arpaio, like everyone who goes on the stand, must be tried fairly, and in the same processes that every other constituent must face. He served as a servant of the law for over 50 years, so his practices were supported by a majority of constituents and their families, extending far beyond Maricopa County,” said Mr. Day.

“Arpaio is ultimately deserving of a pardon, and we hope President Trump will do so.”

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