Requiem for a Hero

By Jim Fotis

On Patrol, to protect and serve, those I was hired to protect and serve always come first, but be careful because as you watch them some now stalk you. Out of the dark BANG! I feel nothing, no pain, just nothing, You don’t even know that you’re dead, your brain explodes, blood flies and what little is left of your perception, what the f__k just happened. You short circuit, then all goes blank and some scumbag walks away and thinking, “Man I just killed a Cop, a pig, a thing that is a societal misnomer. I am a hero to my people, to BLM and every other militant, radical army of miscreants thinking that cop killing is in vogue. I am a man among man, but what’s next!”
Now wrapped in blue I’m dead! I wore the Blue proudly for twelve years. No goodbye to my children, my family, my friends, comrades and the others who stood by my side, wearing Blue.
The Mayor of the most capitalistic, cosmopolitan city in the world heads out to a rally of leftist heathens set to take out more blue worldwide and yet he applauds them. I lay here as my friends family and thousand of others in Blue that I’ve never met pass by and pay last respects. I am here as so many of my brothers and sisters have been over the last years because Blue is a target that represents our freedom, our right and the American way of life. Blue is equality because there is no discrimination within, we are all colors, races, and creeds coming together to be Blue.
There must be some intrinsic value to a memorial, a commemoration of life but all I can say is I’m dead because I was Blue. The message I would send to my Blue brother and sister, remains the same, “Always protect and serve those who can’t protect themselves!”