Support Our Minnesota Officers

The Minnesota Police and Peace Officers’ Association (MPPOA), representing more than ten thousand police and peace officers statewide, has partnered with the National Center for Police Defense, Inc (NCPD) in an effort to effectively help the officers that are being wrongly charged with the murder of George Floyd.
National Center for Police Defense, Inc. is a national nonprofit organization that works to help police officers that are charged with a crime while doing their job of protecting and serving their community. Now it is time for the truth to be revealed and the facts laid out for the community to see. The fact is that these officers are currently paying a high price for crimes they didn’t commit- all because the media did not let truth and due process guide this situation.  
If you would like to assist the four officers that were involved in the George Floyd incident as they face the worst public outcry in memory and had their lives turned upside down, the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers’ Association encourages you to donate directly to the National Center for Police Defense. We want to thank everyone for reaching out to our organization asking to make donations to help these officers, and look forward to the good work we can do together with National Center for Police Defense. 

More About the Officers: Alexander Kueng


Alex was first at the scene when a storeowner called the cops on George Floyd for passing a counterfeit $20 bill. But, I bet you haven’t seen much of that video that would tell a very different story about what happened that day.

Alexander Kueng was raised by a single mother on the Northside of Minneapolis, which is a part of town with high crime. Even though many people in his neighborhood spoke ill of the cops, Alex looked up to the police and thought they were there to help the people of the community. With time, Alex began to think that maybe he could be a good cop who would help the people of Minneapolis’ Northside. So Alex entered the Minneapolis cadet academy and became a police officer. Here was Alex, a bi-racial man, from a rough part of town, who had made good as a police officer and wanted to help his community by being a police officer.

Sadly, just THREE DAYS into his new role as a police officer, Alex’s dream turned into an absolute nightmare. That’s right. Alex was on just his third shift when he encountered George Floyd. Alex didn’t know what George had coursing through his veins and wreaking havoc on his system (we can’t say more until after the trial). 

In fact, the truth is that Alex, as a bi-racial man, joined the police force to be a model officer who would bridge the divide between the police and minority communities. You haven’t been told that Alex followed his training to the letter during the arrest of George Floyd. You haven’t been told that George Floyd’s autopsy showed some very interesting things about his blood that indicate that the arresting officers had nothing to do with his death. 

Now, powerful forces are trying to railroad Alex and the three other officers, and send them to prison for decades even though they did absolutely nothing wrong.