Testimonial from Shannon McMurray, Attorney for Betty Shelby Tulsa Police Officer

When Betty was charged I was shocked as a citizen and an attorney.  I could not believe the rush to file charges by the State and the complete failure by her Chief to come forward on her behalf.  The betrayal Betty and her husband, who is also a police officer was and is indescribable.

Betty was suspended without pay and only through the help of the local FOP and NCDP was Betty able to have some piece of mind as to her financial stability.  Additionally, the support she felt by NCDP and its adamant and unwavering support of her actions while acting in the line of duty to uphold her sworn  oath to protect and defend her community meant so very much to her and her husband.

As I said in my closing argument these truly are unique times for all us.  Crime is on the rise and all we all want to do is get home to our families at the end of a long work day.  The only difference is officers like Betty Shelby put their life in the middle of the chaos and uncertainty to ensure our liberties and life are protected.  Now, because of a social and political movement to somehow legitimize criminal conduct and non-compliance by citizens officers now face not just surviving the day but surviving prosecution for doing their job.

On behalf of Betty and her family as well as her defense team we will forever be grateful to the NCPD for its support both financially and morally.