Vice President Monthly Update: APRIL 2022


This is the most recent update on National Center for Police Defense (NCPD) cases that are scheduled for trial in the next 4 months. Additionally, I’ve included cases that are in the appeals process and being helped by NCPD.  

 We currently have three appeals cases:

  • Trooper Mark Bessner – Detroit, Michigan
  •  Officer Brandon Dingman – Wilson, Oklahoma 
  •  Officer Josh Taylor – Wilson, Oklahoma

 NCPD is helping to represent 4 officers in their upcoming trials:

  • Officer Jovanny Crespo – Newark, New Jersey
  • Officer Aaron Dean – Fort Worth, Texas
  • Officer Chance Bretches – Austin, Texas
  • Sgt Daniel Perry – US Army – Austin Texas

Go to the NCPD website for a full explanation of each police officer’s story and learn how the system that they protect and serve has turned on them. They are left to face a system they protected and now has turned against them for doing the job the way they were trained to do it. 


President Biden’s new budget includes $30 billion in new police spending which will last a decade in an attempt to placate law enforcement and hide the fact from the public that the damage is already done. Police throughout the United States have been demoralized to the point that suicide is up more than 40%!  300 Chicago police officers have retired since the beginning of the year. This shows you that what funding Biden has requested  in his budget  doesn’t matter because the time for refunding has passed. Money is not going to fix the issue. Law enforcement officers need the support of strong prosecutors, judges, and a system that will keep criminals in jail and make sure that the most serious crimes are punished to the full extent of the law. 

Those in charge need to recognize that law enforcement officers have chosen this career because they believe that we live in a country of laws that need to be enforced. However, the people that live under those laws deserve to be protected from the scum that break them. That’s why these brave men and women become cops. The politicians at the local, state, and federal levels, along with the media, need to support our police and military or else there won’t be a strong professional police force. Soon our law enforcement professionals will transcend into woke uncaring, unprofessional robots, uncaring and inhuman.  Furthermore, without support from within, the undying hate that some people have for the cops will never end. Police officers will continue to leave if we stop protecting them and their families by stripping away protections like qualified immunity. These problems must be addressed. Stop making police officers out as villains. 

Black Lives Matter and Antifa destroyed half the country by rioting in major cities while good cops were told to sit on their hands. BLM’s so-called leaders bought a $6 million mansion in LA, California and multiple states’ attorneys general are currently investigating the organization. From the beginning, BLM was a bogus group funded by George Soros and his cronies to create chaos and tear America to shreds. The two things Americans used to be able to depend on were the police and military! Now the police have been reduced to gofers by politicians like Eric Adams and Lori Lightfoot, while the military has been abandoned by the Commander and Chief. My guess is $30 billion won’t go very far towards healing the police or helping the police or refunding the police-what the Biden Administration will use it for is to try and recreate the police.