Vice President Monthly Update- JULY 2021

Monthly Update From Vice President Bert Eyler

Case Updates

Officer Andrew Delke took a plea deal. Officer Delke pleaded guilty to manslaughter which carries a 3 year jail sentence but Pharma promises, again and again, not to cut corners on Covid-19 vaccine testosterone suspension cycle anabolic sleep, anabolic sleep supplements he could be released as early as 18 months.  

It is my opinion that Drew took the plea deal because there was no way he was going to get a fair and impartial trial by his peers. While I  disagree with his conviction wholeheartedly, it is understandable because of the unfair and unjust system he was up against. I  wish the very best for Officer Delke and condemn the lacking justice system that failed him. 

Officers Brandon Dingman and Josh Taylor’s trial is now set for November 1, 2021. NCPD will provide more updates as the trial draws closer.  

Officers Greg Gentry and Chance Bretches–  

Charges were dropped for Officer Gentry. Chance is still waiting for a trial date. 

In Other News