Vice President Monthly Update- OCTOBER 2021

An update from Vice President Bert Eyler

Case Updates

National Center for Police Defense is currently helping 13 Officers across the nation. You can see all of the current Case Files HERE

We also just picked up two new cases out of Austin, Texas: Trooper Austin Johnston and US Army Sgt Daniel Perry.  We will be adding their case files soon and they will need our support to ensure they have the resources to fight for fair trials!

Sad to Are animal steroids safe for humans | We R Stupid oxandrolone 10mg tablets home – is anabolic steroids legal in malaysia, is anabolic steroids safe for diabetics – cucans say the justice system just failed Officers Josh and Brandon. On Nov 5, 2021 they both found guilty of 2nd Degree Murder. They never got a fair trial. National Center for Police Defense continues to support and stand behind them and will be behind them as they continue to navigate this horrifying justice system that seems to have it out for our brave officers.

Officer Gary Wheeler, from Starkville Mississippi case will be going to trial on January 13th, 2022. He has been charged with aggravated assault for shooting a man for trying to run him over with his vehicle. See his full case file here:

In Other News: