Vice President of National Center for Police Defense, Inc. Makes Statement on Officer Kim Potter, Shooting in Brooklyn Center

Brooklyn Center, MN.- The Vice President of national nonprofit organization, National Center for Police Defense, Inc., has made a statement on the recent officer involved shooting in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota that occurred on April 11th, 2021. 

Bert Eyler, Vice President of the National Center for Police Defense, Inc. (NCPD) said, “The tragedy which occurred this weekend in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota could have been avoided had Daunte Wright not resisted arrest due to an outstanding “possessed a gun without a permit” warrant.” 

Officer Kim Potter, a 26-year veteran police officer of the Brooklyn Center Police Department accidentally shot Wright as he resisted arrest and dove back into his car. Officer Potter yelled taser, taser, taser, believing that she holstered her firearm and now held her Taser, she fired one shot Killing Daunte Wright. 

Mr. Eyler continued, saying: “Representative Rashid Tlaib’s Tweet enflamed the  situation in Minnesota, for a US Congresswoman to attack law enforcement nationwide while we are at the brink of nationwide destruction by Antifa and BLM is unconscionable, and all law enforcement deserves an apology.”

Police Officer Kim Potter, who put her life on the line for the Brooklyn Center community for 26 years deserves more than having “due process” stolen from her. Bert Eyler concluded, “We live in a country of laws and if Daunte Wright had obeyed the law this incident would not have occurred. His life was taken due to an accident, now without due process or an investigation Officer Potter has been charged with second degree manslaughter, just to satisfy the multitudes of onlookers threatening to burn down the city. Let’s not yield our rights to mob rule and media bias-let the rule of law prevail.”

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