Officer Jovanny Crespo Found Guilty, National Center for Police Defense Speaks Out

(ESSEX, NJ)- On Wednesday July 5th, Essex County jury convicted Newark police officer Jovanny Crespo of shooting two men that were armed and fled a police traffic stop.  Suspect Gregory Griffin, who has a history of past drug charges, fled a routine traffic stop after another officer spotted a handgun in the vehicle. Not only […]

Vice President Monthly Update: APRIL 2022

CASE FILES:  This is the most recent update on National Center for Police Defense (NCPD) cases that are scheduled for trial in the next 4 months. Additionally, I’ve included cases that are in the appeals process and being helped by NCPD.    We currently have three appeals cases: Trooper Mark Bessner – Detroit, Michigan  Officer Brandon […]

Final Vice President Newsletter for 2021

I cannot believe that 2021 is over. It was a devastating year for police and very sad to say that too many Law Enforcement Officers were lost this year to gunfire, car accidents, COVID and numerous other incidents. We also lost officers to suicide, another issue plaguing the law enforcement community. Listed below are some […]

Vice President Monthly Update- OCTOBER 2021

An update from Vice President Bert Eyler Case Updates National Center for Police Defense is currently helping 13 Officers across the nation. You can see all of the current Case Files HERE We also just picked up two new cases out of Austin, Texas: Trooper Austin Johnston and US Army Sgt Daniel Perry.  We will […]

Vice President Monthly Update- JULY 2021

Monthly Update From Vice President Bert Eyler Case Updates Officer Andrew Delke took a plea deal. Officer Delke pleaded guilty to manslaughter which carries a 3 year jail sentence but Pharma promises, again and again, not to cut corners on Covid-19 vaccine testosterone suspension cycle anabolic sleep, anabolic sleep supplements he could be released as […]


AUSTIN, TX.- Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza has dropped all charges in the Officer Gregory Gentry’s case, according to Garza himself, “in the interest of justice.” National Center for Police Defense, Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to providing resources and support to officers unfairly caught up in the legal system, has been working closely with […]

Vice President Monthly Update- JUNE 2021

Monthly Update From Vice President Bert Eyler As of June 2021, National Center for Police Defense has given almost $80,000 for officer’s legal and personal expenses! These donations are directly from citizens like you who contribute to the National Center for Police Defense, Inc. Thank you for all of your continued support of our mission […]

The Day That Justice Died II

Derek Chauvin, a defrocked Minneapolis Police Officer, was sentenced today to 22.5 years in prison for the murder of George Floyd, a small-time, career criminal and drug dealer who became the world’s first saint canonized by BLM and Antifa and whose martyrdom led to billions of dollars of worldwide destruction, including the deaths of many […]